Is Vick Strizheus Telling The Truth?

Vick Strizheus is an online traffic generation expert from the Ukraine. He focuses on traffic generation and teaching others the best ways to produce traffic to their site, also known as the self-proclaimed “King of Traffic,” although, his followers understand him as the paid web traffic guru.

The factor for that is since he actually buys his traffic instead of going the natural path. He also creates and promotes his own online programs that are concentrated on teaching striving online marketers ways to get traffic. The problem is they are misguided on what real type of traffic they are going to learn how to generate.

He is very smart in the way he gets unwary online marketers to fall for his schemes. He comprehends that everyone knows that they have to produce a lot of traffic to make their websites rewarding and that people want to pay top dollar to discover ways to do such a thing, especially from Strizheus online.

How does he encourage these individuals to thinking that he is what he says he is? Well, he reveals them a video, or two, on the best ways to position themselves in front of their competitors. The thing that hooks them is that these videos are in fact rather valuable and eye opening for someone without full knowledge of traffic generation.

After you see the preliminary video( s), he will then welcome you inside to learn a little more. Vick says he will offer you some details for “totally free” if you simply input your primary email address on his type so you can receive the video information. Individuals do not understand that it isn’t complimentary, offering your main e-mail address to him is just like paying him loan for it.

You are including yourself to his list, and not simply the list of the program in which he simply invited to share a little bit of information with you. For a couple of videos, about a topic you could have found on YouTube, definitely complimentary, without having to give away any of your individual details, you have simply provided him exactly what he required to market whatever he is promoting to you from there on out.

Now, providing your individual email address to him would not be thought about a bad thing if he in fact had a program that delivered exactly what was assured. He is known for not entirely delivering on what he had guaranteed the people who had really paid to gain from his programs. Go here to learn more about Vick Strizheus and what he is currently up to!

He has actually produced many programs, that are usually and at first offered through ClickBank, that have failed to satisfy what has actually been promised. A few of the main ones are the 7 Figure Marketing School, Global Success Club, and the High Traffic Academy. Every brand-new program has a higher membership price than his previous failures.

Below are some quick details on these programs and problems from individuals who were scammed by these programs.

He is at it again! He has actually just recently produced another among his traffic generation programs, and this one is called Big Idea Mastermind. The Big Idea Mastermind program is advertised as being totally free, without any strings attached, as long as you provide him with your primary e-mail address.

Like I have actually said before, providing him with your personal info doesn’t make it free since that’s exactly what he wants and needs. Once you surrender your e-mail to him, you will then be welcomed to see 3 of his videos throughout a week.

The videos were developed to get in touch with you on a psychological note in order to gain your trust. On the second video, they even provides you landing page software application that he declares deserves $497. It is the software that was offered in his other failed frauds. You should not trust this software application because it requires you to enter your FTP login credentials for your website, and the program is handled by a fraudster.

The video series ends with many fake, more than likely paid, reviews of individuals applauding mentors. Days later on, you get an e-mail to sign up with him  and discover exactly what the Big Idea Mastermind in fact is. The e-mail is filled with false and deceptive info in order to deceive the minds of the unsuspecting.

If they’re is so great at getting an audience why does he never ever finish any of his training websites? The only answer I can come up with for this is that he just understands so much and will not share the big bucks things with anybody for any rate. That’s one reason however the other reason is included in the provision of refund on all his sites. Members who remain members over a particular duration (typically 30 -90 days) are not entitled to a refund however as you joined a program (the MLM he got you to sign up with) he does not own anyway he is not liable to repay anything. is the best resource to look at to learn more about Him.

Last year he set up a marketing campaign called the 10kChallenge (not to be puzzled with websites of a comparable name) as part of his BIM promotion. The idea was simple. The members had to provide a big push to promoting their own BIM affiliate link in order to generate EN signups for themselves and it was commonly spoken about by some big names. The Strizheus four percent group was very effecient with all my internet marketing relations especially with vick.

Third page is the Name and Email Address kind with a signup link. This is where magic is worked. The code was altered on day 1 of difficulty so the lead would go to Vick and the signup link would be redirected to his BIM affiliate link instead of the link the user was promoting. This meant as soon as the visitor signed up to BIM the link they would go to in order to access the extremely priced training would be personal Empower Network affiliate link.